With over 30 years of experience in the customer relationship management software market, we brought our own digital marketing experience to the table, in order to keep Plusoft growing and top of mind. Once the communication and social media strategy was conceived, it was time for content creation, a monthly endeavor that includes copywriting, design and social media management; ghost writing and publication of blog posts; ghost writing and publication of LinkedIn articles.

In addition, we design, create and curate content for the company’s quarterly e-books, dedicated to Plusoft’s broad range of services and solutions. This is always followed by a strategized promotional campaign that includes the creation of a landing page dedicated to the specific e-book with the goal of lead generation, complemented by the design and implementation of a newsletter.

Creative Direction — Juliana Mortari
Design — Juliana Mortari & Roberta Yda Yamamoto
Copywriting — Renata Santiago & Caroline Araújo

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