Taste of Lisboa
There’s no better way to discover Lisbon’s hidden treasures than in the company of Taste of Lisboa and their amazing food and cultural walks, which take you off the beaten tourist path, in search of real food, real people and real stories. When visiting a new city, there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in local culture and habits and that is exactly what Taste of Lisboa’s mission is all about: exploring and sharing the most authentic Portuguese lifestyle with fellow travellers.
We also hopped on this delicious and exciting path to create a unique digital marketing strategy for this tourism project, carefully aligned with the specific needs of Taste of Lisboa. With the goal of shouting this brand from the rooftops, we’ve been weaving together stories that tell the tales of these cultural and gastronomical experiences that are captivating travellers from all over the world every single day.

Creative Direction — Juliana Mortari
Design — Juliana Mortari & Roberta Yda Yamamoto
Copywriting — Renata Santiago
Image Bank Taste of Lisboa

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